website design & development

  • Do you already have a web site?
  • Are you happy with the design?
  • Is it producing the results you know it can?
  • Do you generate inquiries, leads and/or sales from your site?

If you answered no to any of the above, then a web site design, redesign or optimization and development from a marketing perspective is one of the first options you should consider.

The websites we design are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Functional websites that work to bring customers to you.
  • Have a look and feel that represents your company’s needs.
  • Have logical flow and easy navigation
  • Content Management System (CMS) with WordPress (If applicable)

Services we offer in this category include:

  • Planning/design consultation
  • Website design and HTML programming
  • Graphic design/image editing
  • Multimedia flash animation
  • Content development/copywriting
  • Website marketing needs analysis
  • Active Server Page Development
  • E-commerce implementation
  • Database design and integration
  • Hosting with ab-WEB
    • Web Hosting Services in Tier 1 Facilities
    • e-Commerce Sites & Credit Card Processing
    • Website Monitoring & Maintenance

Site Development Process:

  1. Site strategy, definition and planning (client’s needs, timeline, target market, assets, brand, competition, and objectives)
  2. Information architecture (navigation, flow, dynamic application interaction, content management and site content).
  3. Brainstorming (conceptualizing ideas).
  4. Concept development
  5. Site design
  6. Site construction (development of templates and building entire site)
  7. Beta testing/editing (test functionality of site, user experience and content)
  8. Project Approval/Delivery