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get more from facebook

In today’s competitive market, creating brand awareness through websites may not be enough anymore. You must have a Facebook “Fan Page”. No, we are not talking about a personal page. Facebook gives you the capability to create your own “Brand” or “Business Page”.

Do you already have a “Fan Page” with no fans? Have you been posting hoping people will see your content? Unfortunately, hope isn’t much of a strategy. Remember: More fans, more shares equal more business.


Facebook users like to “LIKE” businesses on Facebook and the best of all, your own customers will “LIKE” your page too if you give them a good reason to become a fan.

Get your fans to engage with your posts. The more Likes, comments, or shares you get, the better chance you have to appear in your fans’ newsfeeds and on top of their mind.

In Social Media terms, “sharing” is really just word-of-mouth enabled through technology and if you ask any small business owner, that’s exactly what they are looking for… passing the buzz from person to person.

Social media is simply the medium for social interaction, is a group of Internet-based applications that allows you to communicate with your consumer directly.

Turn your Facebook Fans into Customers with Social Campaigns. We’ll help you create a Strategy, Send/Post your Promotion, Share the Promotion and Review your Results.